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Effective Kitchens

Effective kitchens are efficient and safe. In all of our designs we work with the space to ensure an elegant solution that keeps health and safety front and centre. We also work to create an ergonomic layout that keeps your meal turnover high while allowing you to make your menu efficiently.

Sustainable Design

We are a member of CAGBC and an approved designer and contractor for provincial programs such as the new Alberta Energy Savings for Business (ESB) Program, which offers government funding of $250,000. We can help you navigate these programs when you make energy efficient equipment choices.

Building Codes

Let us help guide your project through all the rules and regulation that come with commercial cooking equipment and ventilation requirements. We will ensure your build complies with the Building Codes, Electrical Codes, Mechanical Codes and Fire Codes that apply.

Project Management


Having a unique space also means you have unique challenges. We have ‘been there and done that’ in any place you can think of and are equipped to work with any space that you have.

Interior Design

An integrative approach between your front and back of house will make sure your first impression is your best impression, and the experience forms a cohesive whole.


Keeping all the trades on task, time, and budget can be tricky. With our expert managers at the helm, there is always someone to make sure your project is done right the first time.


Sometimes rush jobs are unavoidable, but with our industry connections and great relationships we can usually accommodate any scheduling challenges that face your project.



All of our custom work comes backed with decades of experience. We know exactly when and where custom fabrication is required and when an off the shelf solution will be the correct answer.

Integrated Approach

We are involved with all of our custom fabrication projects, from the first discussion and site measurements all the way to handing the keys over.

Custom Stainless

All food service quality stainless fabrication needs to be functional but also meet regulations. We make sure all stainless work meets our value proposition, where quality and cost perfectly intersect, to ensure the job is done correctly the first time. We create spaces our customers can be proud of.

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